The January meeting of Professional Women of Statesboro met on Wednesday, January 18th at the Holiday Inn.

During this members-only meeting, members did a SWOT analysis of the organization, brain-storming ideas for this upcoming year. The following is what members came up with:

  • Strengths (America, with specific input from Valerie Thompson, Kelly Kahley, Leslie Cushner, and Yvette Ledford)
      • Network
      • Diverse Group
      • Quality of members
      • Time commitment (easy, just one hour per month)
      • Scholarships given
      • The members bring value to the group
      • Content/Programs
  • Weaknesses
      • Low visibility (PR/Marketing)
      • Recruitment, or lack thereof
      • Not open/inclusive to guests
      • Membership – new members not knowing veteran members and getting them to join
      • Attendance
      • Diversity (educational background & ethnicity)
      • Networking
  • Opportunities
      • Stronger presence/involvement both in the community and within
      • Raise dues to bring in higher caliber speakers and content
      • Professional Development
      • Non-Lunch Opportunities
      • Networking
  • Threats
      • Time (lunch hour)
      • Involvement
      • Competition with other organizations
      • Attendance requirements of other organizations (ex: Rotary)
  • Solutions (with specific input from Tamara Richards)
    • Welcome Bag for guests
    • Big Sis/Little Sis-type program to match new members with veteran members
    • Attendance penalty
    • Midyear organization review/survey
    • Retreat/after-hours/team-building event(s)
    • Annual Event (service project)
    • Alternate meeting times
    • Trade Show where everyone can show off their business

January Member Spotlight was given by Mindy Fair of Arbonne. She spoke with the group about nutrition and handed out samples of Arbonne’s Fizzy Sticks and protein bars. That was followed by our January raffle which Vette Ledford was the lucky winner of a $20 gift card to 40 East Grill, donated by America Minc.

Upcoming Member Spotlights & Raffle volunteers were announced:

  • February: Carey Melton
  • March: Mandy Edwards
  • April: Leslie Cushner
  • May: Scholarship Banquet
  • June & July: no meetings
  • August: Valerie Thompson
  • September: Kate Channell
  • October: Krystal DeLoach
  • November: Kendria Lee
  • December: Christmas gathering, no spotlight

VP Meagan Johnson told the group about upcoming seating arrangements for the rest of the meetings – tables would be organized around a common topic that people can all relate to (zodiac signs, favorite ice cream, etc.). Also discussed was inviting guests to the February Meeting.

Before adjourning, members announced the following upcoming events & announcements:

  • Kate Channell – Need Pink Power Volunteers
  • Elena McClendon – Wedding Walk
  • Carey Melton – United Way Tasting Statesboro coming March 9
  • Treasurer Brandi Waters – invoices have been emailed. Discount if you pay before February meeting.

Below are pictures from the January meeting –






To join our next meeting, please contact us here!

Do you have news to share with PWS? Email Mandy Edwards at and let us know!

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